Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide a warranty?2024-04-29T14:46:14-05:00
What is the process for building or renovating with Habitat Haus?2024-04-12T10:21:35-05:00

We begin with a consultation, develop a customized plan, obtain permits, and execute construction or renovation with transparency and client involvement at every stage.

What are the benefits of adding an ADU to my property?2024-04-12T10:21:08-05:00

Benefits include rental income, increased property value, flexible living options, and sustainable housing solutions.

What is an ADU, and can Habitat Haus help with building one?2024-04-12T10:20:43-05:00

An ADU is a secondary living space on the same property. Yes, we specialize in designing and building ADUs, maximizing functionality and comfort.

Do you offer renovation services for existing homes?2024-04-12T10:20:18-05:00

Yes, we offer comprehensive renovation services tailored to your needs, from kitchen updates to energy-efficient enhancements.

What types of homes does Habitat Haus build?2024-04-12T10:19:54-05:00

Habitat Haus specializes in modern homes, ranging from urban townhouses to suburban retreats.

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